Volunteers were founders of the then Oranje-vrouevereniging  in 1908 and today they are still the backbone of Free State Care in Action.

These people help to maintain, grow and develop the organisation over the years. to be a leader on the welfare field in the Free State. The volunteer-corps of FCIA changed drastically over the last few years to adjust to the changed circumstances and needs of society. Previously the membership was limited to white women, but today the organisation welcomes anyone that wants to serve the community to relieve the needs of the underprivileged. This contributed to breaking down barriers and building wonderful friend- and partnerships.

Volunteers are involved with the following services:

  • Poverty relief
  • Parent Guidance
  • Services to Older Persons
  • Prevention programmes
  • Job creation projects
  • Holiday projects for Children
  • Empowerment and development projects
  • Emotional support to traumatised children.

Volunteers also take the lead with fundraising – that is essential to the sustainability of the organisation.

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