Poverty relief is given in die form of food parcels, the running of soup kitchens and the provision of clothes and blankets to persons in need.

We also aim to involve persons for whom poverty relief is provided to with income-generating projects. Various successful job creation projects, especially sewing and baking projects as well as vegetable gardens are being operated.

Unemployed persons are also supported with assistance in compiling a CV and in getting a suitable job. Programmes are offered where persons can learn computer skills. Where needed, people are also assisted with applying for social grants for which they qualify.

Free State Care in Action are thankful to the community for any donations and support that we receive that enables us to provide these very essential services.

The award that the organisation receive annually from the “Care fund” (Volksblad) is being exclusively used for poverty relief, which enables us to make a  difference in the lives of thousands of underprivileged persons.

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