DSCN8452As indicated in its mission, Free State Care in Action is committed to also developing and empowering those who receive assistance. In this way, they are enabled to function autonomously in the future.

Examples of development and empowerment programmes are:

Preparing for retirement

It is essential that people plan for their retirement in good time. These programmes are therefore presented to people above the age of 45. They cover fields such as finance, emotional and social functioning, religion, leisure activities and health.

Prevention of alcohol and drug abuse

DSCN3324This programme is aimed particularly at teenagers.
A video, as well as aids such as questionnaires and information brochures, are used to make teenagers aware of the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.

Economic empowerment of women

Social workers of Free State Care in Action developed this programme to empower women from disadvantaged communities economically. Information is provided regarding aspects such as budgeting, economic meals, utilising banking services, etc.

Management skills

DSCN84241-1024x768This programme offers training in basic management skills for community- based organisations.

Life skills’ programmes

This includes various programs that empower people with regard to self-esteem development, interpersonal relations, communication, etc.

Prevention of HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS preventative programmes are presented for various target groups such as toddlers, school children, youths and adults.

Women Outreach Programme

This programme intends to optimise skills with regard to the upbringing of children and home management.

Empowerment of women who are victims of family violence

This programme is used by social workers to make women trapped in a situation of violence more resilient, and to enable them to escape from these circumstances.

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