The first seven years are the most important years of a person’s development, and Free State Care in Action therefore places a high premium on the early development of children. More than 20 pre-primary cum nursery schools and crèches are run for this purpose, and a total of more than 1200 children are cared for here on a daily basis.

DSCN8398Some of these facilities function at a very high level and offer excellent pre-school education opportunities to children, of which the institution is very proud.
There is a strong focus placed on also offering quality pre-school care and adequate stimulation to underprivileged toddlers.

The crèches are empowered by providing training to the management and staff. Volunteers support the facilities by maintaining buildings, as well as by donating play material and food.

Free State Care in Action also co-operates closely with relevant state departments to ensure that the day-care facilities meet the standards and requirements determined.
Grants from the National Lottery Trust Fund have made it possible to raise the level of functioning of crèche staff through participation in an accredited training programme.

Parent guidance

DSCN84221-1024x768For the past 30 years, Free State Care in Action has been presenting parent guidance programmes to strengthen parenting skills. Parent guidance lectures were compiled by experts in three volumes of ” You and your child.” This material focuses among other things on the following:

  • Toddlers
  • Teenagers
  • Discipline
  • Sexual counselling
  • Influence of social media
  • Child depression

These volumes are available from the head office.

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